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Mission Country Club is an organically-grown Burning Man theme camp. The camp consists of friends and family from San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, New York, Ireland, England, and Belgium. 2019 will be our 16th year on the playa as an organized camp. Home to the Flannagan's Pub, Magic Kurry Cart, Sangria Soundclash, Hip Hop Playa Ball, and other offerings that bring a taste of San Francisco's Mission District to Black Rock City.

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We're going to be serving drinks and cranking the tunes all week at 8 & H with the best parties on the playa!

events on the playa

8th ANNUAL BRC HIP-HOP PLAYA BALL — Monday | 9p-12a
Enjoy the finest jams in BRC, from the '90s golden age to Jay-Z's latest. Raise your hands to the playa night sky and celebrate the greats.

16th ANNUAL SANGRIA SOUNDCLASH — Thursday | 4:20p until we run out of Sangria
Join Mission Country Club for our 9th annual Sangria Soundclash. Enjoy 50 gallons of hand-crafted highly-reinforced Playa Sangria while dancing to salsa, cumbia, merengue, boricua, latin hip hop, and other juicy international beats... Starting at 4:20 and ending when everyone gets drunk and passes out.

Because who doesn't love curry?!

Stop by and see if we're open, because who the fuck knows!



We're always down to take in new members, email us for more details and to get on our mailing list.


Want to join us on the playa? Or hang with us in Dolores Park? Just shoot us an email: birdsandblokes@missioncountryclub.com.

We have history!


We have been slacking a little bit on keeping the site updated. But we have been having plenty of good time out on the Playa in the mean time! Come visit and we would love to tell you all about it!


One word: WHITE OUT. Craziest weather in years, we had less cranky campers than expected and drank a lot of playa. Parties were off the hook again, with the Brian Brunch sponsored by our Boston Crew in full force!


Mission Country Club braved the one of the craziest storms to hit the playa in years. Some of our campers waited hours for the gates to open... you know... "trapped" at the gates or back in Reno. This year we added ridiculously smart and awesome hanging bar tables throughout the bar area to increase the bar experience. We also expanded our shade structure by 30% and got a one hell of a camp sign to put across our fudget truck.


After a HUGE success with an impromptu Hip-Hop party in 2012, we kicked it off officially this year and the biggest addition to our events in 2013 was the BRC Playa Ball, hosted by our very own Big Jew and Redhead. We took our talents to the DJ booth Monday evening to spin some old skool rap and hip-hop... from boom-bap to club hits... bumping through hip hop history. Judging from the bike traffic out front, we definitely had the block rockin’. Who can say no to Flannagan's special Crunk Joose anyways?!


In 2012, we added a custom-made pine wood bar, informally called "Flannagan's", at the request of our rock-star members from Dublin. Flannagan's was a huge hit, as Burners stopped in for drinks and chat each afternoon on their way to and from Distrikt or the Esplanade along 9:00. We also had an impromptu Hip-Hop party that literally shut the streets down on Monday night.


All we can say is Esplanade. Yup. Killer location this year, and a pretty big group of 50-60 people too! We even got ourselves a mutant vehicle named Bugaboo. We had no idea what we were doing, but we were luckily enough to meet the fine folks of Happy Camp to give us a helping hand. We really stepped up our game in 2011. That's for damn sure.


Back bigger than ever, Mission Country Club returns to the playa with almost 60 camp mates strong and another 20 or so friends from San Francisco and Reno joining us as satellite camps. A skeleton early early-arrival crew arrives several days early for purposes of drinking whiskey 12 hours a day while building basic infrastructure. By opening night we are wrecked. We took another crack at the 2:00 large sound camp area and wind up next to Bass Camp, with their 70,000 watts of cacophonous atonal experimental dubstep blasting 24 hours a day. Magic Kurry cart returns serving hot thai curry and magic curry tacos all over the playa. We pull off our 6th annual Sangria Soundclash in style with records quantities of Sangria served and extra helpings of Cumbia and Merengue. Finally, we kick off our first annual Brian Brunch with organic pancakes and 6 different varieties of hand-crafted and individually brewed coffee on Friday morning. Brian's show-up from all across town to hang-out with their like-named brethren. All in all a banner year, with a few growing pains and many new friends.


We arrive early on Saturday and spend the next 2 days building the camp. We're smaller this year but much more tightly knit, with half the camp staying from Saturday through Sunday. We are graced again with the presence of our Irish burner brothers who work and party their assess off for the entire event. This year we're placed on 2:00 and DNA and stay up for sunrises on the open playa every morning. Sangria Soundclash is a wild success with our biggest turnout yet: hundreds of people dancing to salsa and cumbia on the open playa, a huge impromptu conga line, and many requests for a daily Sangria Soundclash party. The Magic Kurry Cart makes its inaugural debut and is an instant hit as it parties down at the Black Rock Hoedown and other events throughout the week. BM2009 goes down as one of the most memorable burns in camp history and a bonding experience for all. We commit to maintaining the community spirit and the burning man ethos alive year-round, whatever it takes.


Larger than ever, we arrive on the playa 50 strong with new shade structures and a fancy new dome cover. We finally bothered to register as a theme camp, and the powers that be thanks us by placing us out in the boonies and conveniently located next to two enormous wind turbines. Our new balloon loses a duel with the wind turbines but is the toast of the neighborhood for two full days before its demise. The Irish crew rocks the playa making it an official Year of the Irish, overturning our previous Year of the Belgians. We luxuriate in our hand-made wooden double bathroom stalls. Sangria Soundclash again rocks the playa despite our less than ideal placement. Tear-down is a breeze under Mundi's tired and hungover leadership. Some choose to extend Burning Man an extra day bay annexing the town of Reno into Black Rock City.


flannagan's take away tacos & whiskey We roll on to the Playa in a 10-deep caravan at midnight on Sunday and promptly evict the whining Cosmic Elves from our corner on 2:30 and D. The porta potties again are our neighbors and. We build the camp in 3 hours and everything is finished by mid-day Monday. We have one big dome and are ridiculously well organized. We call ourselves Mission Country Club and have a decent camp sign for the first time. Our camp is smaller than previous year (30 or so folks) but we know everyone and have our shit together. We throw Sangria SoundClash again on Thursday and turn-out a wildly fun party in the middle of dust storm complete with gogo dancers dancing on top of our dome. A few camp members sneak out of camp on Saturday leading us to institute a new Saturday tear-down policy.


Determined to not have a duplicated name we call ourselves Pachecopolis, which nobody in the camp can pronounce. We camp again on the corner of 2:30 and D (Porta Potties yeahuh!) Camp grows to 35 and we realize that we hate having a second dome. Our mean but helpful neighbors who are old and ridiculously well financed with an 80 foot tent structure a two-story art car and water boiler teach us the art of building the dome from the top down as opposed to the bottom up (genius!). We go through some growing pains. It takes us until Wednesday to build the camp and then we watch in horror as the Wednesday tornado destroys everything. We lose 3 shade structures to the wind storm and take out a neighbor's tent when our carport flips over. We cry but rebuild everything again. Somehow we manage to pull off our second Sangria SoundClash bigger and better then ever, serving over 40 gallons of Sangria during the party and redeeming our reputations in the process.


We change our name to Down the Rabbit Hole Camp only to find out that there are at least 2 other Rabbit Hole camps. Camp grows to +20 folks. We build a second bigger dome! We start our love affair with 2:30 and D and become quick friends with our rowdy degenerate neighbors at the Petting Zoo (days since last helivac to Reno: 0) We host the first ever Playa Capture the Flag game which draws 80 participants and kicks off our first annual Sangria Soundclash party on Thursday at 4:20.


Our first experiment with dome living. 15 or so camp members, a little bit of a remote location, and slightly cramped quarters. We kind of call ourselves Wit's End and we throw a Margarita party on Thursday afternoon... it is fun. We learn that taking a camp photo at night is not the best idea.